So, why should one attend DEAL?

DEAL 2017 stands by its promises to provide the resources, right exposure and the expertise needed to kick start or grow your business to the next level. The event presents ample scope for networking, learning and sourcing opportunities which will be unparalleled as this three-day event will feature an incredible array of ingenious products and services from exhibiting companies. The show will also deliver on seminars and educational sessions which will be hosted by renowned industry experts.

Being an industry stalwart in the region, DEALhas established this show over these 22 long years. Today, DEAL is the largest and the only trade show for the entertainment and amusement industry in the Middle East and Africa.

It is touted as the second largest show in the world as it has experienced a tremendous exponential growth. DEAL is Middle East's gateway for all the participants and associates within the amusement and entertainment industry which can boost their growth and give them a smooth transition into the region's market.

DEAL offers a chance to test the industry's state-of-the-art products, to identify contemporary services, and gather competitive quotes. The platform also helps you to meet with industry leaders from all over the world, participate in educational events, and network with other professionals from the sector. Whether you are planning to start a new business or are a veteran in the industry, DEAL 2017 will surely bring new experiences and ideas for all on the table.

Apart from bringing the focus to several innovations, DEAL 2016 brought forth cutting-edge inventions such as the much talked about – virtual reality games, 9D park rides, 12D cinemas, family entertainment centre equipment, among the endless array of creative concepts presented. The advancement of these innovations sets a new benchmark within the Middle East and even the world's entertainment sector.

Register now to participate in the biggest, most innovative, and most rewarding event in the amusement and entertainment industry – DEAL 2017.