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Semnox Solutions, provider of technology for the entertainment and amusement industry, has announced the installation of its Parafait system at six new sites in Ecuador. The end-to-end ticketing and cashless automation solution has been implemented at venues run by the Mundijuegos FEC group.

Mundijuegos opened for business nearly 19 years ago with only five arcade games on offer. Now the company has expanded to several sites across Ecuador. Mundijuegos needed a seamless technology solution to continue to provide a positive customer experience. Semnox Solutions provide cashless technology and ticketing systems that streamline the operation of arcades and FECs. The implementation of Parafait across Mundijuegos six sites was completed in four months.

Semnox MundijuegosCesar Gonzalez, owner of Mundijuegos FEC group, says the installation has many benefits for the business, "I feel totally satisfied with all the advantages that the system has given to us; we have saved time, money and labour by using the software," he said. "We decided to implement Parafait from Semnox because after talking with Sushantha and Estefania, we analyzed all the advantages that we were going to have with it and we identified it was the next key move we had to do. Besides, Marc Haim with Gold Coast International, who is our supplier with game machines, recommended us to consider Semnox."

Semnox is proud to have been part of a successful installation at this popular FEC, "We fulfilled customer's unique requirements including for their ticket printing, helping the customer to provide better customer service to their guests, meanwhile meeting their Government's mandatory inquiries." said Estefania Monares, Semnox Business Associate.

Mundijuegos said that working with Semnox was a positive experience, and it plans to use the system in any future sites that it opens too. "Mundijuegos' team feels very pleased and grateful with all the support received during the implementation," said company team members.

Semnox Solutions has been successfully installing Parafait in several entertainment and amusement venues around the world, including sites in India, Guatemala and the UK.

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