Year on year, DEAL has become the calendar highlight for hundreds of exhibitors from across the globe, a testament to its pivotal role in shaping their growth within the vibrant Middle East and Africa markets. DEAL isn't just a show; it's a movement of market shapers and industry leaders who return annually, not only to showcase their innovations but to imprint their vision upon the global stage.

In 2025, DEAL will once again be a melting pot of innovation, hosting a formidable array of pioneers from across the globe. The event will be a grand mosaic of country pavilions, featuring prominent participants from the United States, China, Turkey, India to South Korea, and everywhere in between, each bringing a slice of their unique prowess and potential.

The burgeoning expansion of DEAL is evidenced not just by the swelling ranks of our exhibitors, but by the expansive canvas they choose to occupy — a clear indicator of the show’s escalating influence and their unrivaled commitment to excellence. DEAL's ability to offer a nexus of unparalleled experiences, strategic networking, and market penetration continues to resonate deeply with industry stakeholders.

Reflecting on the last edition, which hosted over 300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, DEAL has proven itself as the platform where industry titans unveil their best, forging connections that redefine the entertainment landscape.

The legacy of DEAL is further enriched by its heritage exhibitors, those who have journeyed with us since inception, juxtaposed with the vigor of new entrants each year. Together, they comprise our ever-growing DEAL family, united by a shared vision of innovation and success.

Hundreds of exhibitors have made the show a staple of their yearly schedules, ensuring their attendance to further establish their presence in the Middle East and Africa region.