In the shimmering heart of Dubai, DEAL 2025 is set to unveil an odyssey of wonder within the entertainment industry, marking its 31st anniversary with grandeur unmatched and a legacy unwavering. This premier B2B trade extravaganza has been the sculptor of the entertainment landscape across the Middle East and Africa, setting the stage for a marketplace of marvels and milestones.

DEAL has emerged as the platform where visionaries and innovators converge, crafting the future with their ground-breaking offerings. The previous year’s show was a constellation of opportunity, drawing in astute business delegates from over a hundred nations, echoing the resounding confidence the global community places in DEAL as the beacon of the industry.

As we cast our gaze towards DEAL 2025, it beckons as the renaissance arena for family entertainment centers, theme parks, water parks, edutainment centers, children’s arenas, and all sectors of the amusement cosmos. For three decades, DEAL has been the expert of mutual triumph, orchestrating an anthem where exhibitors and visitors compose a symphony of success. It is the stage where the world’s entertainment leaders debut their most revolutionary ideas, sparking a chain reaction of innovation for visitors to harvest and cultivate in their own territories.

The DEAL experience is a 360-degree journey, encompassing the entire spectrum of entertainment—from the nostalgia of arcades, the thrill of redemption games, the splash of water parks, to the awe-inspiring realms of cutting-edge VR technology. The convergence of industry-leading conferences and knowledge-rich seminars delivers a trove of the latest insights and strategic acumen necessary for savvy business decisions.

Be part of the narrative as the renowned Dubai World Trade Center unfurls the red carpet for the 31st edition of DEAL in April 2025. Witness the evolution of leisure and amusement and shape the contours of tomorrow’s entertainment landscape. DEAL 2025 isn’t just an event; it’s the future, reimagined and realized.