Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (2022)

The Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (AOFS) 2023 is another integral part of the show and provides the exhibitors with a lucrative opportunity to replicate their concepts in other markets. With tried and tested, successful business models, exhibitors can utilise this ‘plug and play’ model to further grow their business.

This section of the show caters to a niche yet growing segment of the industry which focuses on the franchising and licensing side of the amusement and entertainment business.

AOFS is particularly designed to propagate business relations in between the various stakeholders of the segment. The various operators be it for theme parks or the family entertainment centers, are aware of the power of branded entertainment and the pull of certain brands which have an ardent fan following. Such segments which feature are themed after a single brand or a group of characters such as the DC or Marvel Universe, that already has a captive audience for their offerings.

The showcase is more advantageous to the various exhibitors that have successful ventures in one end of the world and are looking to recreate the magic in the Middle East. AOFS provides the perfect platform for them to scope out, evaluate and form long lasting partnerships which will do more than fulfill their business objective.


The key objective of this segment of the show is to bring together owners and decision makers from different regional and global brands, amusement parks, real estate companies, franchisees, licensees, and regulatory agencies under a single platform.

Exhibitors include all the international entertainment brand owners, amusement park and family entertainment center operators who are on the look-out for entering and/or planning to expand into the MENA region through providing exclusive rights for their brands in the region.

Visitors to the showcase include the key decision makers and the serious investors affiliated with the amusement franchising business, including real estate companies, especially those making shopping malls and mixed-use developments; themepark and FEC operators; retailers and education providers; event organizers; and government bodies.