Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (2022)

The Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (2022) caters to this niche, yet growing segment of the industry, which focuses on the franchising and licensing side of the entertainment and leisure business. Franchising is a valid business model, especially for FECs and leisure attractions which aim to grow in different locations.

With so many industry stakeholders under one roof, AOFS 2022 provides a unique platform for people looking to grow their business through franchisees and licensing opportunities. Visitors to DEAL who were just considering adding or upgrading their entertainment centre back home, end up considering buying a franchisee licence of an established brand to capitalize on their popularity and grow their businesses.

The showcase is particularly useful for brands that are established in their home countries and who want to replicate this idea in other potential markets such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. During these 3 days, the show provides the brands with enough time to scope out, evaluate and form long lasting partnerships to further their business interests with like-minded partners.

Brands, Brands, Brands

Never underestimate the allure of branded entertainment. AOFS allows you to bring the latest craze in entertainment and leisure industry into your home country. FEC's themed according to a particular brand come with their own particular set of fan-following.


  • Tons of opportunities for franchising, licensing, JVs, alliances etc.
  • Gain first mover advantage by importing your unique brand into a new region
  • Transport established ideas from your current market to other potential markets
  • Expand the popularity of your brands into new markets
  • Find the right partners with similar goals to further your business
  • Connect with right distributors who will help you with your dream