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 The renowned Brazilian entertainment center chain HotZone, with 12 stores in the country's major shopping centers, recently transitioned to the Sacoa Cashless system, a longstanding DEAL exhibitor. This entire transformation happened in record time, with all 12 stores converted in just 2.5 months. Among the many reasons why HotZone's management chose Sacoa was the presence of a local team in Brazil, providing efficient support in their native language, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The ability to deliver an exceptional user experience, its attractive design, and the significant economic advantages offered by Sacoa's self-service K4 KIOSK equipment prompted HotZone to incorporate 49 units of this product into its national operation. Additionally, HotZone acquired the complete suite of online products offered by Sacoa to expand and increase its revenue through digital sales channels. Saulo Valadares, Director of HotZone, Brazil, shared his experience with Sacoa, stating: "We had a lot of confidence in this project, believing in Sacoa's capabilities, and they exceeded our expectations. Especially with the support, attention, and peace of mind they provided during the most challenging moments of the project. Whenever we had doubts or uncertainties, they were always available to assist us, enabling us to meet a tight schedule for such a large project. From here on, it's all about growth; it's just the beginning of a long partnership. It's gratifying to have such an incredible team of professionals and such a great system." Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa U.S.A. says, "I am delighted with the new Hotzone's relationship. They have an amazing, professional, and dedicated team that worked alongside Sacoa's crew to achieve such a great project in a record time!"HotZone currently operates stores in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Jundiaí, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, São Caetano do Sul, Brasília, and Canoas. Visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions, from classic to innovative, including roller coasters, carousels, video games, redemptions, simulators, VR, cranes, go-karts, Kiddies, and many more. Its facilities are located in areas ranging from 1,000m2 to 2,800m2, with a selection of 100 to 250 attractions across different locations.