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Intercard Provides A Cashless Solution For Xtreme Action Park

Intercard, the cashless technology specialist, has recently provided an innovative new system for an award-winning indoor entertainment complex. Xtreme Action Park is now enjoying a cashless solution thanks to Intercard.

Xtreme Action Park in Florida is the largest all-ages indoor entertainment complex in Florida. It is a popular destination for families and was named the American Amusement Machine Association's Family Entertainment Centre Location of the Year in 2018. Guests can enjoy a wide range of fun activities, including arcade games, go-karting, roller skating, ropes courses, escape rooms, and bowling. There are also high-tech attractions on offer such as virtual reality experiences and an XD Dark Ride 7D theatre. The new technology from Intercard gives park visitors a seamless payment experience.

The new system integrates with Xtreme's proprietary customer kiosks and SMS Timing POS system. The FEC's 5,000 square foot gaming room features over 150 games, which are now controlled by more than 180 Intercard readers. Guests can easily use their game cards for the FEC's wide range of games, as well as other attractions.

Nate Howard is the managing director of Xtreme. He says the company chose Intercard due to its reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of cashless technology. "I wanted someone that made purpose-built card readers and built a back office and a front office that supported game cards and arcades. Furthermore, I needed a support team that will always be there 24/7," he said

Thanks to Intercard's solution, the games and attractions on offer at Xtreme are now easier for customers to use, "Customer satisfaction increased immediately when they could check their [card] balance on the floor rather than having to wait in line at the front desk," added Howard. "When they go into the redemption prize centre guests can swipe their card, see how many tickets they have and go right back out to the game room." Employees can now spend more time on other tasks and customers don't have to spend valuable time queueing.

"Intercard's technology gives Xtreme capabilities beyond what they had before," says Alex Orban, Intercard's vertical sales manager. "It handles cash and credit card sales and will allow them to go completely cashless when they choose."

Another reason why Xtreme chose to work with Intercard is because of its competitive pricing and value for money. "Though price was not the top priority, when it came down to price, they were more competitive than all other players in the market on the basis of total cost of ownership," says Howard.

Other FECs and arcades who have chosen cashless solutions from Intercard have reported a rise in revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

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